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Learn about the latest global news and policy updates in relation to hearing loss.


World Hearing Day 2024 – “Changing…

February 16, 2024

Use of hearing aids on the increase in Poland

February 14, 2024

Breaking down myths surrounding hearing loss

February 14, 2024

Is it too loud? Time to lower the volume 

January 15, 2024

The sound of silence: Why noise pollution need…

January 15, 2024

Hearing aid users in China report high satisfa…

January 15, 2024


European Coalition on Hearing Loss: Manifesto

March 08, 2023

A joint call by EHIMA, EFHOH and AEA on political action for the prevention and effective rehabilitation of hearing loss.

Combatting the stigma of hearing loss

March 08, 2023

How we collect and spread fact-based information and knowledge to change practices around healthy ageing.

Our position on the EU Mental Health Strategy

March 08, 2023

A unique opportunity for Europe to raise awareness of the link between disability, hearing loss and psychological well-being.

Piercing the veil of dementia and hearing loss

February 09, 2023

Research from the US suggests a strong link between hearing loss and the onset of cognitive decline, with hearing aids an effective remedy.

Link between diabetes and hearing loss

December 20, 2022

Diabetes is associated with sensorineural hearing loss in seniors 70 years or younger.

Nearly 4% of Swedish children have a hearing l…

November 01, 2022

Even in younger children, the prevalence of hearing impairments increases with age, researchers show.

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