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Understanding the causes of hearing loss, and the role of professional care and technologies to address it.

Living with hearing loss

Hearing loss might sound frightening, but it can be effectively prevented, and its impact reduced. Innovative hearing technologies, coupled with professional care, can offer persons living with hearing loss the opportunity to remain independent and fully empowered members of society.

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What causes hearing loss?

Hearing loss is principally a natural consequence of aging, as our hearing deteriorates when we get older. Age-related hearing loss results from loss or damage to the tiny hair cells in the cochlea in the inner ear. It typically appears in our sixties and seventies and develops slowly over time – this is why early detection is so important.

But hearing loss is also connected to noise exposure. At work, in traffic, or when we listen to music or go to nightclubs, consistent exposure to loud noise strains our sense of sound.

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Hearing loss and society

About one in 10 Europeans is living with hearing loss – and the effects can be felt across society. Hearing loss is an important contributor to productivity losses, unemployment and income gaps. It also causes people to be less active and mobile, and less able to enjoy social activities.

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What can be done about hearing loss?

Hearing loss does not have to be permanent. Assistive technologies such as hearing instruments offer well-established ways to remain independent and mobile, fully empowered, active members of society.

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Prevention – Avoiding hearing loss?

As we live in noisy societies, our daily exposure to sound is directly linked to the risk of damage to our ears. Taking precautions against hearing loss, such as wearing hearing protection and avoiding noisy environments are required to prevent hearing loss.

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