World Hearing Day 2024 – “Changing Mindsets” event with policy-makers

Join us this World Hearing Day for a virtual debate on “Changing Mindsets”, debating with policy-makers to change perceptions about hearing impairment.

Hosted by MEP Jarosław Duda (Poland, EPP).

World Hearing Day is organised by the World Health Organizaion and aims to:

  • Counter the common misperceptions and stigmatizing mindsets related to ear and hearing problems in communities and among health care providers.
  • Provide accurate and evidence-based information to change public perceptions of hearing loss.
  • Call on countries and civil society to address misperceptions and stigmatizing mindsets related to hearing loss, as a crucial step towards ensuring equitable access to ear and hearing care

Debate Agenda: 

  • Welcome – MEP Jarosław Duda
  • WHO World Hearing Day theme – Shelly Chadha -WHO
  • Why we need to change mindsets – Lidia Best– EFHOH
  • Myths and reality on hearing loss and hearing care – Mark Laureyns – AEA
  • Changing the Mindsets on Hearing Care – Stefan Launer – EHIMA
  • Changing mindsets to ensure inclusive health systems – Emma Smith – WHO Europe
  • Debate – All
  • Conclusion – MEP Jarosław Duda

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