Although technology offers effective treatment options, many older people live with undiagnosed and untreated hearing loss, which inhibits their daily functioning and increases their risk for age-related health issues. Hearing loss in older adults is critical to address, considering the vast economic and social contributions older people make to their families and communities.

To tackle this issue, EHIMA co-signed on 9-10 November 2020 a statement of intent, with the aim to increase awareness and tackle stigma around healthy ageing. Together with other stakeholder organisations, we want to collect and disseminate knowledge to change practices around healthy ageing. The paper also articulates the economic advantages of hearing care, suggesting equity and access to hearing care, and applying evidence to guide action.

The joint commitment was made by the Think Tank on “Hearing in Later Life”, convened and sponsored by EHIMA in November 2020, gathering the International Federation on Ageing (IFA) and the International Collegium on Rehabilitative Audiology (ICRA). The goal: For all health professions, governments, the industry, and NGOs to ensure that all government and non-government-led policies and actions for healthy ageing include hearing care within their scope.

Health First Europe, EFHOF, AEA, Age Platform Europe, Euro-CIU, EHIMA, The Ear Foundation, IFOS: Manifesto on Hearing Loss and Disability (2017)

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